Episode 16

Published on:

22nd May 2024

This Tech Startup Founder Teaches You How To Pitch Your Business

Desmond Wiggan is the founder of BatteryXChange, a Charlotte tech startup that has quickly expanded its reach across the state. Raised in North Carolina with strong ties to his Jamaican roots, he's had some incredible life and work experiences that have helped him become a strong salesman with a strong vision. From Pepsi to China to Charlotte, his journey is the reason why he's the founder successfully raising a series C round of funding. While it's unlikely that you'll be able to directly replicate this whirlwind of experiences, you will learn how sales, creativity, and confidence when pitching can allow you to grow and scale a successful venture. Tech is anything but boring or monotonous in this episode.

Find out more about what Desmond is building with BatteryXChange at: https://www.batteryxchange.co/


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